Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, gates is the excellent ambient/indie rock band able to present a sound that makes you forget you have to take notice of the details. This leads to a listening experience that is seamless and captivating.

Composed of members Dan King (guitar), Ethan Koozer (guitar), Kevin Dye (guitar/vocals), and Mike Maroney in the string section, with Dan Crapanzano on percussion, gates doesn’t sound like one member is drowning out the other. Perfect harmony, synchronicity and well balanced melodies are their musical strengths that led to the outstanding output The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home.


In Walls, this sense of balance and composure is in display as the drums and guitars blend together with purpose. They sound well put-together and you get a sense that the band understands the importance of everyone’s role in their musical process.

Another standout in this six-track release is At The End of All Things, a track that builds up like a postrock song – heavy on the guitars, catchy drumming and full of ambient atmosphere. It is short, clocking only at 1:36, but it definitely packs a punch. It weaves its magic on you the entire and has this hypnotizing effect that catches and releases you instantaneously.

Given the notoriety of New Jersey when it comes to producing punk/hardcore/emo bands, gates doesn’t disappoint. They continue the state’s great musical legacy with their brilliant mix of posthardcore, ambient and postrock sensibilities.

Track List:
1. A Vague Ambition
2. Walls
3. Burned Us Alive
4. In The Morning
5. At The End of All Things
6. Sleepwalker

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