The Kissing Machine is an animated collection of synths, party beats, and guitars put together by Dappled Cities’ front man Tim Derricourt, also known as Swimwear. With the assistance of bandmate Ned Cooke, this feel-good album with four tracks was recently recorded over the Australian summer.

The first track Nowhere to Run is a reflective song put in a groovy tune. It is of a song that talks about reminiscence —“…with the girl who changed my life, there is that girl who changed my life, waiting around for some other guy, did I miss my moment in the sun?” A simple track with clever lyrical composition that showcases Derricourt’s ability to put together words to build a masterpiece.

Following the first track is Knocks, which is also composed of heartfelt lyrics— “won’t someone let me be the man I want to be? Cause all that I see is a man dressed as me”—combined with spacey and melancholic hooks.

Highs and Lows open with a spirited note, which is sustained all throughout the track.

Wrapping up this wonderful EP is Easy High, providing the signature of Dappled Cities. It consists of almost hip-hop beat, keyboard shuffle, and guitar licks. Among all the tracks, this one has the most toned-down quality.

Derricourt’s heavy vocals are obvious throughout the EP. Needless to say, The Kissing Machine is the perfect combination of wistful electro merged with live instrumentals and pop hooks.

Track List:
1. Nowhere to Run
2. Knocks
3. Highs and Lows
4. Easy High

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