Sarah McGowan: Indian Summer

Summers in India are known to be very hot and humid, as the scorching sun makes your clothes cling to your sticky sweet skin. Good thing there is music like Sarah McGowan’s that feel like running an ice cube all over your skin. Her soothing music is a welcome relief when it becomes a little too hot to your liking.

Grenadine: Grenadine

Grenadine is the solo project of French musician, Julie Branet. Initially trained as a violist, she started writing songs and became active with her music career in 2008. This self-titled debut carries four of her lovely tracks. Her upbeat and sweet French pop style is reminiscent of Canadian singer-songwriter, Feist, bearing catchy pop rhythms you'd want to spend time with on laid back happy days. She's also been touring to promote her sound. According to her bio, she's shared the stage with artists like Heart and The Pirate Husky.

Fall Walk Run: Throwing It All Away

One of my most favorite discovery this year, Fall Walk Run makes me want to run around and frolick in a beautiful sea of grass and flowers. Throwing It All Away is the debut EP for the duo. Made up of Lawrence Harvey and Stuart Eaves, this acoustic duo hails from Wolverhampton, England. Their debut is a beautiful compilation of indie acoustic pop music that is catchy and easy to listen to. Inspired by artists like Jason Mraz, Ben Lee and Feist; the duo seems set in soaring high this year. With music this good, it's hard not to think they might just make it.