One of my most favorite discovery this year, Fall Walk Run makes me want to run around and frolick in a beautiful sea of grass and flowers.

Throwing It All Away is the debut EP for the duo. Made up of Lawrence Harvey and Stuart Eaves, this acoustic duo hails from Wolverhampton, England. Their debut is a beautiful compilation of indie acoustic pop music that is catchy and easy to listen to.

Inspired by artists like Jason Mraz, Ben Lee and Feist; the duo seems set in soaring high this year. With music this good, it’s hard not to think they might just make it. 

From the moment you listen to the chanty opener, Built To Last; you can tell you’re in for a real treat. The song is catchy and perfect for summer or springtime. It’s fun and quite enjoyable. Vocal work is good and there’s a resident analog sound to the duo; making their tracks so much more interesting. Another semi upbeat cut is, You Are You. This indie acoustic track is charming and makes me think of a young man wooing a girl.

On the other hand, the boys take it a little slower by the time they reach the third track, You’ve Got a Way. This time they showcase not just their instruments and vocal skills but also their lyrical abilities. This also goes true for, Spark and Race Against The Times. Each track flows nicely and puts the music first more than anything else. Definitely a wonderful EP to have.

The songs in the compilation were recorded in a home studio which adds to the personality of the tracks. The album is available for free under a creative commons license.

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