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Lungs For Gills: One Man & Thousand Ghosts

Listening to Lungs for Gills feels like you are walking on a frost filled morning with nothing but the beautiful sound of nature and silence to accompany you. That may sound weird, but this four piece group certainly knows how to create an ethereal mood. The band hails from Quebec City and formed during the winter of 2010. Maybe it was the cold weather, but these guys definitely got something to be proud of. One Man & Thousand Ghosts feature songs that contain sweet lyrics, emotional vocals and lovely melodies. There are some that border on the rock edge but still has a sweet touch to it. Of course, the recording isn't as crisp as you'd expect from pros, nevertheless it adds a delicate rawness that makes the band even more endearing. Check out their tracks.

Laura Stevenson and the Cans: A Record

Listening to Laura Stevenson and the Cans is like lying in a hammock under the shade and drifting away to dreamland. This amazing indie folk/rock artist beautifully mixes relaxing rhythms and melodies beautifully, making it look effortless. This album came about after Laura took several years steering clear from creating a compilation. Hence, when she finally decided to drop the sabbatical, "A Record," was born. In this one, you'll find a great variety of textures, instruments and simply gorgeous vocals from the singer and her crew. Most of her albums are available for purchase, but these are definitely worth it. However, for this record you can enjoy this one free. It's certainly worth the download and so much more.

Las Canciones de Maru y Roman (Voy a Explotar Soundtrack)

Las Canciones de Maru y Roman is the soundtrack to the Mexican film Voy a Explotar; roughly translated as "I'm Gonna Explode!" The film tackles the story of Roman and Maru, two angry teens who decide to go on an adventure while making a pact to remain with each other at all times. The actual soundtrack which included music from the film, was initially geared for a commercial release, however, this didn't pan out. This current album is a compilation of 22 tracks handpicked by Carlos Reyes, the person behind Latin blog Club Fonograma. It is now the official soundtrack for the film and is offered absolutely free. Like the film, the record is an explosive combination of music genres, moods and instruments. Definitely a perfect accompaniment to this coming-of-age film.

Viola: Anything Can Stop Us

Viola is a Finnish electronic duo that knows how to create some fun, 80s infused dance pop electronica sound. On their website, they describe themselves as "Two guys influenced by beautiful heartfelt music, ass-shaking beats, sub-par humor and hidden messages." Indeed, they do create some fancy, danceable beats that make you want to gyrate your way down the dancefloor. There's also a nice blend of vocal work, instruments and electronic beats intertwined in this album. The record is the group's second album and the "first as an electronic duo." From the looks of things, it seems they might want to stick to this electronic sound for some time. Grab the download right now.

Sweet Mother Logic

Sweet Mother Logic is an experimental indie instrumental quartet hailing from Montreal. The crew is made up of Justin Wright, Eric Kaplin, Jack D. Kelly and Adrian Aitken. Their instrumental sound leaps across genres creating a rich combination of instruments and sounds. With this self-titled album they explore the fields generating, pop, rock, electronic, ambient (even a hint of dance) in the thick layers of their music. So far, the group has been around for four years, creating a sound that is unique, intriguing and certainly entertaining. Give their album a go and check out their previous EP as well.

The Arbiters: Wake Up Dragons

The Arbiters create cool indie alternative rock music with a touch of electronica. The recording is slightly raw but filled very intense energy that you could almost feel as if it's bouncing around the walls. The group sings songs in both English and Russian and they borrow elements from other genres other than indie rock. Wake Up Dragons is the first full length debut for the group. They did release a single titled 'Solo" and made it available for sale on both iTunes and Amazon. For this complete compilation, listeners have the option to buy it from the same iTunes, Amazon or simply download it for free right here or on Jamendo. Give this group a listen.


Phrenia is a Japanese pop singer that has recently made her debut EP available for free download on Jamendo. It's under a creative commons license and one of the few compilations from a Japanese artist straight pop lovers can enjoy. The album is filled with five electronic dance pop tracks that reminds me of those wonderful Japanese anime soundtracks. Phrenia has actually released a previous single on Jamendo as well, titled Yami No Conduct. Compared to her first release, this self-titled debut features tracks with a less prominent rock flair; instead it's mostly all pop. Nevertheless, it's still very enjoyable if you adore J-pop. Grab the download.

Mercury in Summer: I Believe

Before anything else, Mercury in Summer is definitely a pop group (at least for me.) They create pop music that makes me think of The Click Five. Don't expect to hear rock and roll here. Although you might expect a mix of certain genres, they dominantly sing power pop rock tunes. Now that that's out of the way, the group's record, I Believe, is actually quite good. The production values are really professional and no doubt these guys are quite talented. Made up of Brian Jones - Bass/Vocals, Richard Wynne - Guitar/Vocals and Brendan McCusker - Drums/Vocals; these DC natives create energy filled, high quality pop music that is catchy and infused with wonderful melodies. This is the group's first compilation and it seems they found their niche. It's a cool record to check out.

Singleton: The High Seas

This catchy indie rock alternative crew from Kiev, Ukraine is certainly one to watch out for. Singleton first entered the music scene back in 2004. As they started out, they promoted their music by doing an extensive tour all over the Ukraine. However, it wasn't until 2009, when the band released their debut EP, Storms (get it here.) By 2010, the group pushed further and put together this 12 track compilation, The High Seas.