Viola is a Finnish electronic duo that knows how to create some fun, 80s infused dance pop electronica sound. On their website, they describe themselves as “Two guys influenced by beautiful heartfelt music, ass-shaking beats, sub-par humor and hidden messages.”

Indeed, they do create some fancy, danceable beats that make you want to gyrate your way down the dancefloor. There’s also a nice blend of vocal work, instruments and electronic beats intertwined in this album.

The record is the group’s┬ásecond album and the “first as an electronic duo.” From the looks of things, it seems they might want to stick to this electronic sound for some time. Grab the download right now.

Anything Can Stop Us seems like a concept album but it’s actually not. The record reverberates with a united effort in creating a pop, dancy, electronic sound that is both pleasing to the ears and catchy. It starts off with the reflective, moody number, Utopia Frailway. Listening to this first track would make you think twice about attaching the “electronica” label on these guys. This one is a slow, pop alternative cut that’s reminiscent of a very mellow Pet Shop Boys. This isn’t surprising though since the guys are big fans of the successful UK duo.

Breathtaker, however, clearly showcases the duo’s masterful capacity at creating an 80s inspired electronic dance track. With sweet vocals that remind you of INXS in the old days. No JD Fortune right here. Tedium Rock is also another upbeat number that beams and flounces around the room. Again, the vocal work and the beats blend nicely into a seamless concoction of sound. After awhile, you’ll be bopping your head or tapping your toes without much pressure.
Out of this 12 track compilation, there are some tracks better left unheard. Nevertheless, most of it is actually quite good. Very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Go ahead and check it out for yourself.

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