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Orphan Songs

This self-titled debut album from Swedish band, Orphan Songs, is an amazing compilation of sweet, acoustic folk that will make you melt. It comes with 13 songs sung in a melodic folk pop rock style that's easy to listen to. Orphan Songs is a pet project for singer-songwriter, Carl-Otto Johansson. The album was originally released to critical acclaim back in 2008. By 2011, the album was re-released under a Creative Commons License; making it available as a free download. If you're looking for something to listen to on a quiet weekend, or maybe a companion for a long, drive home; you might want to check this out.

Longsleeves: Passage of Stairs

Dubbing their music "folk magic," Longsleeves definitely know what their music can do to people. Passage of Stairs is a mini 4-track compilation that enchants and hypnotizes listeners with its sweet voiced, laid-back indie folk pop rock sound. Originally hailing from the quiet town of Huntington, Indiana; this currently California-based duo can turn an ordinary quiet day to something extra special with their music. So far, the two has released 7 compilations; offering them as a free digital download under creative commons. Longsleeves is one of the few bands that beautifully mixes indie folk with pop and rock, then anointing it with just the right percussions, vocal work and electronics. Certainly a must-have record for those looking for some "folk magic."

Bryyn- Pink Noise

Changing names is quite common in the music business. Hence, it's no surprise that indie folk pop guru, Pinkle, decided to adopt his real name and drop the "Pinkle" moniker in full. He's known simply now as, Brynn. Taking up his real name as a moniker doesn't mean he's no longer creating lovely indie pop music. In fact, the artist still manages to churn out lovely and relaxing music that induces a surge of endorphins down your brain. Pink Noise is actually an older album. It was released back in the summer of 2008. Despite its age, it's still a wonderful compilation to check out.

The Laureates: No Kontrol

Looking for a good, retro indie rock group these days is like playing a game of hit or miss. Sometimes, you stumble upon a really cool band whose music becomes an instant favorite the first time you hear it. On the other hand, there are instances when you find a band that simply sticks to you for all the wrong reasons. Luckily, The Laureates is NOT part of the latter. The group has been around since 2005 and No Kontrol is the third release from these lo-fi rockers. The album is filled with a mix of punk, indie, alternative, lo-fi 80s/90s inspired rock that calls to mind The Replacements, Pixies and most 90s underground rockers. Definitely an awesome album worth every bit of space on your drive. Check it out.

Frontregen: Frontregen

Frontregen is an indie Austrian band that create an eclectic pop punk indie rock sound. Their sound is characteristic of female sweet sounding vocals, a mix of alternative rock/pop beats and indie sensibilities. This self-titled album is a first for the group. It was released back in December 2010 and so far it's showcasing a lot of promise for this 5 piece crew. The entire album resonates with passion and energy; skillfully balancing a hard rock punk edge with that of sweet, pop folkish vocals. It's certainly worth checking out if you are a fan of these genres on their own.

Motorama: Alps

Russian fivesome, Motorama, has been steadily building a solid fanbase with their post-punk, Joy Division-inspired sound. The group has been around since 2005 but they only released their first full length album last year entitled, Alps. The sound is unmistakably a clash of new wave, 80s sound with slightly danceable beats and monotone vocals. Inspired by some of the more prominent bands in the past decades, they also cite The Strokes and The Coral as bands that they grew up listening to.

The Wild: The Wild EP

This is the second time this group of Atlanta young'ins who call themselves, The Wild, have made an appearance here in Frostclick. You'll find their other album, Set Yourselves Free, right here. Before that album came out though, the group released this 5-track self-titled EP. Their bright and sunshiny folk country sound still resonates though. The album is still a bit raw compared to their succeeding release yet is imbued with a fun, happy-go-lucky vibe that makes you think of frolicking around the countryside with friends. The album is released and available for free download on Quote Unquote Records. Take a listen and download this entertaining record.

Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop: Nebula

Studebaker's Blacksmith Shop is a rock, indie alternative band that packs a lot of punch. This German band has a nice raspy voiced female for a vocalist and an equally intriguing set of musicians backing her up. Nebula is the group's first full length debut and was recorded some time in 2008. Apart from this compilation, they also have a three track self titled EP which is also available for free download under a creative commons license.