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Daniel Wyckoff: The Quadrature

The Quadrature by Daniel Wyckoff is an acoustic instrumental progressive haven. It's not everyday that we cover instrumentals here in Frostclick, so here's one to feast your ears on. Daniel Wyckoff is a guitar aficionado that has just released his second record of nothing but sweet acoustic guitar goodness for free. His second album, A Shift, is available as a free download on Jamendo. Before that though, he released The Quadrature which feature a lite-prog and math rock sound. The recording quality isn't perfect but you have to admire this guy's skill and what he can do with his guitar.

Emerald Park: For Tomorrow (2010 Edition)

For Tomorrow is one of those records that you find online and you think to yourself, "is this really free?" Listening to the quality of the recording as well as the music might make you think twice but it is available as a free download so listeners can enjoy this amazing folk pop compilation from this Swedish group. Emerald Park is made up of Tobias Borelius, Martina Johansson, Frans af Schmidt, Mats Andreasson, and Mikael Eskilsson. The band formed back in 2001 and started off as a seven piece crew. Things didn't go according to plan and lineups were changed. Now, the group is back as a five piece along with a new netlabel, 23 Seconds. They re-released For Tomorrow; an album filled with lush melodies and catchy choruses that will certainly brighten up your day.

Mandate of Heaven: Hun in the Sun

This is the second time these boys from Syracuse, NY are making an appearance here at Frostclick. Their more recent album, The Next Valley Over was featured last July. Hun in the Sun is one of the older Mandate of Heaven albums, but it's nevertheless, still a goodie. The album is laced with beautiful instruments and sweet vibes throughout. Mandate of Heaven is fronted by Greg Pier, who also uses the same moniker for his solo performances once in awhile. The record might be a few years old but it's still a must-listen for those who love progressive rock with a slight retro feel to it. Beautiful album to check out.

Quentin: A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder’s Club House

Quentin is a German band that spits out punk rock tracks that you might not understand but is definitely a hell-of-a-lot-of fun to listen to. This three piece German band has definitely got spunk and tons of attitude. A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder's Club House is said to be more than one-year in the making yet it seems to be the product of a spontaneous live performance or get together in the studio. It has plenty of energy, attitude and a touch of cheekiness here and there. Definitely a cool 7-track compilation worth checking out. It's a bit of pop, Brit rock, new wave and punk all rolled into one interesting and upbeat record. Give it a download.

Infant Color: Infant Color EP

This self titled debut EP from Infant Color reverberates with an 80s sound accompanied with tons of electronica and pop. The EP was originally released under Beat is Murder's free music section. Infant Color EP gathers together six tracks that would transport you back in time, to when Morrissey was big and Duran Duran was among your top favorite bands. Although it's not all 80s nostalgia, the compilation does echo this sentiment quite a bit. The EP is available for free download under a creative commons licensed. Find it here on Frostclick or head over to Worth checking out if you feel in the mood for some flashback from the past.

Josh Woodward – Sunny Side of the Street

Josh Woodward is no stranger here in the Frostclick blog. Some of his records have been featured and reviewed right here; these include: The Simple Life, Only Whispering, Bread Crumbs, and Dirty Wings. Like most of Woodward's music, the albums are mainly pop songs with a touch of quirkiness embedded on the lyrics. He always manages to create an enjoyable record that anybody will enjoy on their quiet time. Sunny Side of the Street is no exception, it features beautiful, upbeat tracks with funny lyrics. It's also licensed under Creative Commons and available as a free download. It's not tough to fall in love with Woodward's music. Just pick and listen to any song from this record and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

Derek Clegg – It Seems As Though

Derek Clegg is no stranger here in Frostclick. Three of his previous releases, namely the cathartic, KJC; the mesmerizing Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and the enthralling, Beautiful World; have been featured here in our blog. This time, Clegg is back and he's got another album in tow. Similar to his previous releases, It Seems As Though, flutters between indie folk, pop, acoustic country and even a hint of electronica. It's a beautiful mix of songs that reflect the artists' signature style and taste. It's hard to pigeonhole Clegg as an artist that's strictly limited to creating indie folk because he manages to add enough little touches to create a unique sound. Each song from the album resonate with a beautiful, heartfelt emotion that listeners will certainly enjoy.

Gleb Bones: The Fine Art of Wasting Time

Sometimes, all you need is good old rock and roll. Gleb Bones' The Fine Art of Wasting Time is an interesting mix of funk, hardrock, indie and garage rock in one loud yet likable record. These Frenchman actually describe their sound as "glam rock" on their Myspace page and certainly, some songs do remind you of the good old hair, sequins, and tights days. However, there's no denying that most of the tracks are certainly worth lovin'. If you're looking for some nostalgic rock and roll, then this is one of the best records on Jamendo to check out. Best part, it's available as a free download. Take a listen!

Viola: Wonderabilia

Viola is a Finnish duo that creates funky electronic music. This quirky outfit is actually a musical duo who describes themselves as "influenced by beautiful heartfelt music, ass-shaking beats, sub-par humor and hidden messages." Moreover, they admit to being the type of people who usually sit in one corner of a club or "discotheque" and like to watch other people have fun. This same voyeuristic/observant persona reverberates in the duo's music. Their sound is laid back electronic dance pop with a certain element of mystery. The songs seem familiar and likable, perfect for lounging and well, watching other people. If you love electronic pop music, then might just work for you. Check it out.