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Pucca’s Restaurant

Pucca's Restaurant is one of those game that's so hard to put down. Not only does it feature a familiar (and quite popular) character, it also incorporates great gameplay to the mix. The game puts you in the shoes of a cute little Korean girl who is aspiring to become one of the best chefs around. You start off as a mere underling and have to work your way up the ladder in a 5-star restaurant. You can slowly reach your goal by keeping customers happy and serving them great dishes. Like most sim games, this one provides tons of fun features. Worth checking out if you'd like something to get busy with during your spare time.


Even though Harry Potter has officially ended, its legacy still lives on. Just take a look at the countless merchandise and spin-offs that remain. Speaking of spin-offs, Warthogs is one of the many tribute/parody games celebrating the story of the young boy wizard. The game was created by Crystal Shard and is a few years old but trust me, every second is still worth playing. In it, you play as Larry Lotter, a slacker who's about to take his final exam. The only problem is that Larry spent the entire night partying and is now late for class. Warthogs combines sarcasm with innovative gameplay and great graphics to bring you an exciting, almost offensive Harry Potter parody you'll certainly enjoy.

Stratus (Richard Edwards)

Another entry into what's now become a mecca of indie gaming goodness: Stratus is one of the hundreds of entries to the Ludum Dare game competition. Created by Richard Edwards, the game features interesting pixel style artwork and a pretty cool gameplay. For the uninitiated, Ludum Dare Competition has been around for years now. It's an event where independent gamers create an entire game in as little as 48 hours. Each game revolves around a certain theme that's announced before the start of the competition. For this one, more than 500+ entries have already been submitted, among them this cool puzzler from Edwards.

Ichi (Jay Van Hutten)

Single button games should be easy, right? Besides, pressing one button to play and defeat the entire game can't be that hard. However, Ichi might just prove this theory wrong. The game is a one-button puzzler from Jay Van Hutten and it's main premise is simple. All you have to do is collect the different yellow colored circles or balls inside a maze. This might seem like a no-brainer and it is, until you get to the higher levels and realize just how complicated it can get. Ichi comes with a sketch-like graphics reminiscent of Crayon Physics as well as a nice soundtrack provided by Michiel Nijhof.


iBall3D is actually the latest remake of the old classic game, Labyrinth. Instead of the old graphics, you get an updated gameplay and the game in full 3D. Gameplay is similar though; you need to guide a ball from one point of the map to another. The game was created by Stone Trip, and it features great graphics as well as excellent gameplay that will get players hooked into playing it. The perfect combination of puzzle solving and agility will ultimately help you to win this game. Give it a try. iBall3D works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It's also available as a free download right under the Mac App Store.


If you follow the latest iOS games quite faithfully, then you must have stumbled across Forget-Me-Not. This exciting game has been winning praises and scoring countless of minions ever since its initial release. Unfortunately, the game came with a price -$1.99 a pop at the iTunes App store - and was only offered for iOS devices, well, that is until recently. Yep, the game is now available for download for Windows and Mac users. Plus, it's all for free! With additional features incorporated, this retro arcade Pacman-type game is destined to become an even bigger hit thanks to these new formats.

Stupidness 2

If you're one of those brain geeks who like to take IQ tests or match wits with a computer once in awhile to see who's smarter, then you might want to grab Stupidness 2. This fun IQ game will throw you brain melting questions that'll make you think twice about your own intellect. The game features 35 questions, some of them are quite easy to answer while others will definitely leave you scratching your head. Created by Orangenose Studios, the game offers a PRO version with more questions to the roster, but trust me, this free version is more than enough to make your nose bleed in certain instances.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is one of those games that most people think is just absurd, I mean, how fun can it be to toss paper inside a wastebasket? I thought that too until I tried it. You see, once you try it there's a big chance you'll find yourself hooked and playing for hours. The gameplay is as simple as its title. You basically try and toss a piece of crumpled paper towards a waste basket. To make it a bit interesting though, the game offers different difficulty settings as well as random locations with their own special quirks. Developed by Backflip Studios, Paper Toss was initially just for iOS devices but later on was made available for Android as well.

eXtermination (Panic Arts)

There's nothing like a good zombie game to spend your afternoon's on and eXtermination is among the long list of such finds that's invading the indie gaming world for some time now. Created by Panic Arts, this zombie apocalypse is a horror platformer that incorporates great fun and interesting game play to create a more than just entertaining adventure. Being a fairly new game, it isn't perfect yet it still manages to engage gamers in a full-on entertaining zombie romp. With two game modes available, several weapons at your disposal and tons of zombies for target practice, this is quite a fun game to check out.