free iPad racing games


Breakneck is an aptly titled game from PikPok as it’s fast and furious. You’re on a high tech speedster being chased by aliens around a strange world. The storyline isn’t new, but the graphics look great and the gameplay is easy to get into. If you’re into racing and alien shoot ‘em ups, this is the combination for you.

Daytona Rush

Daytona Rush from game developer Invictus is best described as an endless racer. It’s not the most original game on the iOS or Android, but it has certain qualities that will have you coming back for more. Part of the reason is the graphics, another is the simple controls, but mostly it’s due to its simplicity, which is a nice change from more complex games.

Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits Racing from Hutch Games goes the other route that the company’s other game, Smash Copts took. Instead of the cops you’re now behind the wheels as a criminal who’ll destroy anything in his path. That’s right, the goal is to destroy everything in sight, and it’s a lot of fun.

GT Racing Motor Academy Free

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ from Gameloft has all the ingredients that make racing games fun: cool tracks, cool cars, fast paced and easy to use controls. Unlike other free racing games, there’s plenty of cars here (more than 100) and manufacturers so the game never gets old.