Splash Cars from Craneballs is a unique concoction of racing, painting and survival, and it’s credit to the game developer for coming up with something different and enjoyable. Each level in the game starts with a dull grey, and it’s your job to add a touch of color to it by driving your car, but there are obstacles in your way.

As your car starts moving it is going to leave a trail of color behind, and the faster your car goes the more color you will be able to add. However you need to steer clear of the obstacles in your way. At the same time you have to keep an eye out for your gas otherwise your run will come to an early stop. Your car could get damage during a collision but your bigger concern will be running out of fuel.

The 3D environment looks a bit bland at first but it livens up as color is added. Aside from adding colors you’ll also be spending your time collecting gas canisters, avoiding police cars and getting as many power ups as possible. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Splash Cars is trying to move around houses and see them shed off the gray color and become more colorful.

The game also has a built in progression mechanism so when you perform specific types of activities you can get bonuses such as a speed boost. Bottom line: Splash Cars is a unique game that you should at the very least try out.

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