free racing game

Stunt Rally

If you have never heard of Stunt Rally it is a free racing game that will have you driving and maneuvering your way through more than 100 tracks (111 to be exact) spread over 15 sceneries. To top it off you have ten cars to choose from and the Stunt Rally development team is working on more.

Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush sets a new standard when it comes to survival car racing games. In the game, your vehicle is configured as an anti-virus program. You race through nine stunning tracks, cleaning up unstable Nitronic City. This means you have to drive through obstacles, jumping side boots, do barrel rolls and other maneuvers. On certain occasions your car gets wings to fly around. The graphics are inspired by the 1082 movie Tron, but the developers have added their own touch. In terms of quality, the graphics are comparable to other pricey racing games. Players can upload “Ghosts” and compare time and scores against each other. The techno soundtrack blends in perfectly with the frenetic pace.

SuperTuxKart – a vrooming free 3D racing game

Don't you just love that rush of adrenaline when you are driving or racing a car to beat somebody? You could get just that - plus more. How about the sight of cute characters rushing around in their cute little go-karts? Whether you're racing on the beach, or towards the lighthouse, SuperTuxKart will surely give you hours of fun. With dozens of characters and tracks to choose from, your every race is definitely different from the others.