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Robotz DX

Combine old school graphics and some basic shooter gameplay and you get a retro looking shooter game in the form of Robotz DX. True to most retro shooter games, this one is incredibly difficult to master. All 30 levels will give you a good run for your money as you go through each stage. Initially based on an Atari game, Robotz; this game is new and improved yet retains the old school touch quite awesomely. Remade by Josh Monkman, the game beautifully captures the feel and gameplay of the original. Retaining some of the essential elements while adding a more updated look to capture the hearts of modern gamers. It's no joke that the game is difficult to beat so gather up patience and a lot of free time before diving in.

Warzone 2100 – open source real time strategy game

Want to play something that's more challenging than the usual shoot and kill? Warzone 2100 offers you a real time strategy and tactics game designed to make you think and destroy at the same time. Warzone 2100 was published by Eidos Interactive and developed by Pumpkin Studios. Originally, the game was released on a commercial status but by December 2004, much of the source code for the game was tagged with a GNU. Today, the title is a full open source game that you can download and enjoy right at the comfort of your own home. Take your wit and skills to help rebuild a new civilization for mankind or simply have fun blasting the enemy from beyond the gates.