In Flying Sheeps, you get to play a distraught but determined farmer who is serious about getting his sheep back. You use and maneuver around a hot air balloon while trying to collect all of the flying sheep and bring them back to their pens on the ground.

Developed by Bad Mouse Digital Art, the company is a small indie game developer from South America, particularly Chile.

Apart from this one, the team has also released their multiplayer action game, Red Flag for the PC.

Playing Flying Sheeps isn’t exactly a complete thrill ride since you are riding a slow air balloon after all, however there are several interesting and well-thought out obstacles that make gathering your sheep not such an easy task.

As you fly on the balloon, you’ll encounter “air landmines” of sorts. Anything from sawblades to airborne wolves will be flying around to make your retrieval operation a pain. Accuracy is the name of the game here, fly a little too close and your balloon bursts sending you and your sheep down.

You’ll get about 50 levels on this one and much of the challenge already seeps in after level 5 so prepare to sit around for much longer if you intend to finish it. The levels are quite straightforward but there are tense sections that will test your accuracy and patience.

Luckily, the environment around the game is quite polished. Good attention to details as well as realistic physics are available. On top of that, good music as well as great graphics round up the game; keeping everything entertaining.

Overall, Flying Sheeps is an excellent game to try out. The gameplay itself is quite simple but it throws enough curve balls at you to keep you on your toes. Best part of all is that you can download it for free or at a pay-what-you-want download. Try it out and you’ll find yourself hooked quite easily.

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