Tearjerker: Rare

ATTENTION: We’ve just uncovered a “rare” gem, and it’s Tearjerker’s acclaimed 2011 EP, Rare. The boys do what they do best – dream pop – and the results are just astounding. As it turns out, the collection became an experimental ground on every possible route ‘shoegaze’ can take; a mixtape of sorts, if you will.

Tiger Choir: Unicycles

They might not “roar” but this group of tigers is still a killer act to follow. Without hesitation, we’d like to introduce you to Hobart-based (that’s in Australia) quartet Tiger Choir. Just like a choir should, expect solid harmonies to dominate their songs, as is in their latest release, Unicycles.

Old Man Wizard: Unfavorable

I might be a huge, huge pop fan, but I know a good rock band when I hear it. Such is the case with Old Man Wizard, whose “rock” label isn’t only for show, but is also here to debunk everyone who’s pretending that they are.