They might not “roar” but this group of tigers is still a killer act to follow.

Without hesitation, we’d like to introduce you to Hobart-based (that’s in Australia) quartet Tiger Choir. Just like a choir should, expect solid harmonies to dominate their songs, as is in their latest release, Unicycles.

The action starts with “Ephemeral City“, which, despite its name, should leave a long-lasting impression with the listeners via the infectious brand of alt-pop (yes, we’ll use this term loosely) they bring.

The bold drum machines and tangled synthesizers reach their pinnacle at “Vultures“, a bright, psychedelic track that might as well usher the summer season in.

The fun continues with “Cotton Claws” and the follow-up “Bird on Shoulder“, though more ambient than in-your-face, aren’t stripped out of the pomp that pervades the previous tracks.

Truly, we’re down for the ‘Unicycle’ ride, if these are the tunes we’d have to loop over and over again. Peace, brothas!

Track listing:
1. Ephemeral City
2. Ghosties
3. Divers
4. Vultures
5. Dancer
6. Wordless
7. Cotton Claws
8. Bird On Shoulder
9. The Bell Curve (Part 2)
10. Owls

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