Stunt Rally

If you have never heard of Stunt Rally it is a free racing game that will have you driving and maneuvering your way through more than 100 tracks (111 to be exact) spread over 15 sceneries. To top it off you have ten cars to choose from and the Stunt Rally development team is working on more.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

Frontline Commando D-Day is the successor to the original Frontline Commando that came out in 2011. However, this time around it has been enhanced with superior graphics and sounds. As far third person shooters go Glu Mobile sets a high standard for the iOS and Android. Adding to the sense of realism is the intro showing black and white footage of the war, although when the game begins it is in full color and smooth graphics.

One Epic Knight

There are lots of endless runner games out there, and One Epic Knight is one of them. But this game from Simutronics is more than just a rip-off of other runners, as it brings something new to the table. In the game you play a knight who is going through a dungeon destroying orcs, smashing obstacles and collecting treasure all at the same time.

Fix-it Felix Jr

Fix it Felix Jr by Disney is a port of the original arcade game for the iPhone. If youíre old enough to remember the original version, downloading and playing it on your iOS again will be a lot of fun. If you have never played arcade games before, welcome to the wonderful world of 8 bit graphics.
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Monopoly Hotels

Build, buy and manage you own hotels with this one awesome treat. Monopoly Hotels is inspired by the classic Monopoly board game but concentrates just a little bit more on the hotels rather than what you might be used to in the original. Start with a cheap piece of land and build your way to Donald Trump status or a Hilton chain. You choose the designs and amenities which will make or break you.


This is one game that has always featured on my classic list and there will be many who have played it endlessly on their PCs. Yes, the game we are talking about is 'Plumber'. In this game, players need to connect various pipes and let the water flow seamlessly without any loopholes. Developed by Monsters Game, these developers have a specialty for casual arcade games. Though their game Plumber has garnered the highest number of downloads till date.

Rome Puzzle

Download free puzzle game today and start building the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire to become the Emperor! If you have ever fancied yourself as a new age Cesar or wonder what it would be like to be the architect of an empire, the Rome Puzzle game gives you just a little taste of power and a big whop of imagination. The task is to work out puzzles made up of tiles, choose resources and build Rome as fast as you can.


Wormholes is an iOS game that will keep many brain-freak gamer hooked onto their iOS device for hours. What really appeals to many game fans about Wormholes is the uncanny resemble it shares with Valve's (maker of Half-Life and Half-Life 2) Portal. The game is said to be developed by a fan and has nothing to do with the original Valve Portal, but due to its very close resemblance to the Valve Portal PC and console version, Valve has directed the developer of Wormholes to offer the app for Free. The game has numerous 3D puzzles to be solved in the underground chambers. Your weapon for survival and mayhem is the A978 Wormhole GUN, that helps you to create wormholes within your environment and cross levels. What adds up to the entire gameplay is the need of logical use of cubes and buttons around the various parts of the levels that enable you to open doors and helping in bringing you to the finish point.

Cake Shop – a free game for your sweet tooth

Anybody who has been familiar with the hit game Diner Dash will recognize this game too. Here comes another game for anyone who likes the idea of running their own shop complete with coffee, sweets and cakes. Coffee Shop is another time management game with a twist. Donít be fooled by the cute store sign, this free to play game will frustrate your eye-hand coordination skills after a couple of levels.