Quietly Concerned: Homeless

Being ‘homeless’ is an eternal transitory period; it’s not as much as that of having no permanent residence, but more of a cathartic, endless journey. This is the atmosphere that South African folk musician Quietly Concerned (Kyle Meenehan in real life) evokes in his first EP, “Homeless”. Recorded in a house in Johannesburg and a mountain cabin in Lesotho, Meenehan flits from one form of love to another just like his nomadic lifestyle over the years.

Daniel Greenwood: Goldsmoor

Goldsmoor is a hit goldmine, the one of the recent releases from the wildly-tasteful British music machine. Coming forth in the vein of Ed Sheeran, it’s not hard to adore how Daniel Greenwood crafts his music: smooth, heartfelt, and consciously ostentatious – but that naturally comes with the excitement and the youthful exuberance that comes with being a normal 20 year old.