Here Comes Your Fate

Derek Clegg – It Seems As Though

Derek Clegg is no stranger here in Frostclick. Three of his previous releases, namely the cathartic, KJC; the mesmerizing Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and the enthralling, Beautiful World; have been featured here in our blog. This time, Clegg is back and he's got another album in tow. Similar to his previous releases, It Seems As Though, flutters between indie folk, pop, acoustic country and even a hint of electronica. It's a beautiful mix of songs that reflect the artists' signature style and taste. It's hard to pigeonhole Clegg as an artist that's strictly limited to creating indie folk because he manages to add enough little touches to create a unique sound. Each song from the album resonate with a beautiful, heartfelt emotion that listeners will certainly enjoy.

Derek Clegg: Beautiful World

I greatly admire artists whose passion and personality is strongly reflected in their final craft. I also have a great respect for those who write, compose, record, and produce their music all without the backing of a label and still come out with an album that could make many other musicians jealous. Derek Clegg, a one man band, appeared twice on our blog last year, once with a release of KJC and than with Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck. Today he is back with yet another Creative Commons licensed Indie/folk/pop album, Beautiful World, filled with great lyrics and laid back yet diverse sounds that will surely place some of the songs into your 'favorites' playlist - for me this included Innocent, a beautiful track that hopefully will find its way up.