The Desirables: And You, Bro?

If your efforts in scouring the best acoustic act out there is becoming futile, have no fear. The Desirables, a relatively new band comprised of two brothers, have released their third EP effort for the year, And You, Bro?, for your pleasure — considering that they’ve only started this year.

Coroner for the Police: Swamp Box

Despite being a new band (they formed in the early part of 2012,) Coroner for the Police already has a knack for capturing the listener's attention. Thanks to their upbeat and loud indie rockish sound, it's easy to jive along to their music. The four piece Manchester crew is made up of Dave Labrow , Nathan Kai Wright, John Simm and Dan Woolfie. Swamp Box is their first EP and was released last May 2012. They have plans of creating another short compilation by the end of the year.

The Embracers: Tasteful Thickness Vol. 1

The Embracers is one of those bands that are likable because they have a sound that's so familiar. Despite belonging to a saturated genre, they manage to hold their own and deliver a record that capture a laid-back, lounging-on-the-couch-being-cool vibe. Tasteful Thicknes Vol. 1 is their latest online release. It's being offered as a free download over at BandCamp and serves as an awesome introduction for the band. Currently, the five-piece has been on the road and doing the rounds in festivals which is helping them gain and solidify a steady fanbase.

Kit Oh Nein!: KON!

Feel-good psych punk with a touch of indie rock is one way to describe Kit Oh Nein!'s music. The three piece band hails from Detroit/NYC and seems to know their way around the sound. Led by frontman Ryan Milligan from The Hotwalls, KON! (an acronym of the band's name) is the group's debut record. The album contains 10 tracks that run circles around punk, pop, and psychedelic indie rock. Enveloped in raw energy as well as a hazy indie rock club vibe, it's hard to believe the entire set of tracks were recorded in only 3 days. This is one of those debut albums worth checking out if you like dirty, cerebral indie punk rock.