Ever though about bringing words to life in your text messages? Well than make sure to try out Zlango, an app that really adds the zing to the "Ohh, so boring text messages" with the icons, smileys, backgrounds and the work. Developed by Zlango Ltd., the developers have done a fantastic job with this app. College-goers and the youth would adore the whole look, feel and twist the app gives to their text messages.

Louie Mantia Icons and Wallpapers – spice up your Windows or Mac desktops!

Tired of your desktop icons that you see each time you turn on your PC or Mac? Don't fret; Louie Mantia is here to save your day. From icons and wallpapers, Mantia really gets it going - and he gets it going really cool. Various designs inspired by Star Trek, Wall-E, Nightmare Before Christmas, Willy Wonka, Pokemon...and a whole lot more! You can even use them to add a bit of jazz to your iPhone. Oh, and the best part? Everything is for free.