Facebook Messenger

Want to do more than just chatting with your Fb friends? Then Facebook might have just heard your plea with the introduction of Facebook Messenger. Now, not only you have the option to chat with your Fb friends, but also share your world with them in a full-fledged manner, all from your smartphone. (Umm..quite literally). Yes, you heard that right. Facebook messenger opens a door to an all-new multimedia sharing world as it is now possible to share pictures, videos, current locations, and also have group chat with just one click.


Loving the Android or iOS ecosystem, but yearn to have a feature like BBM on your device without any additional cost. Well, LiveProfile is just the perfect app for your needs. Users will be surprised how well LiveProfile mimics the BBM environment and does it with panache. Developed by LiveProfile themselves, this app is slick, fast, intuitive, and personal. Users on Android and iOS are in for a big treat, in terms of functionality.


Pidgin is an tiny application that allows you to connect with all your friends through most of the chat networks in one place. It supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, IRC, QQ, Sametime, Zephyr, Bonjour, Groupwise, SILC, XMPP, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, MySpaceIM, SIMPLE (upphhh - that's a lot), and it can support many more with plugins.


Adium is a free and open source instant messaging application for Mac OS X. Adium allows you to chat with all your friends using different chat services at the same time. Among others, it supports: AOL Instant Messenger, including ICQ and MobileMe, MSN Messenger, Jabber, including Google Talk and LiveJournal, Yahoo! Messenger, including Yahoo! Japan, and Bonjour. It is also compatible with iChat, MySpace IM, Facebook Chat, Gadu-Gadu and more.