indie pop

The Gorgeous Chans: Jaguar Club

Another band to hit the UK indie music scene is The Gorgeous Chans, and it looks like their fiesta beats are here to stay. After releasing two hit EPs last year, the 6-piece act returns with a 3-track collection – Jaguar Club – of fun, folk-infused, upbeat pop that might just take your playlists by storm.

Pinegrove: Meridian

Ushering a flow of smooth indie teen pop that's accompanied by syncopated guitars and sprinkled with rock elements; Meridian is a record that easily creates a good impression. The group responsible for this sweet and melodic compilation is Brooklyn-based quartet, Pinegrove. Even if you might not like it straight away, it's an album that grows on you, slowly embedding itself as it hauls along its lush sound.

Armen at the Bazaar: Noor

When I first heard Armen at the Bazaar's Drive With Me, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was equal parts weird and awesome. Indeed the album is an eclectic combination of sounds. From pop rock, to indie, to sometimes random bits, the record gives these things a fresh take. Listening to the artist feels as if you're globe trotting and exploring different regions all over the world. Armen at the Bazaar is described as a one-man-band making music from Montreal. He started out young, playing in the Toronto Children's Chorus and fronting for various bands later on. His music is honestly tough to classify although he cites that it's a mix of alternative, indie and pop.

Rogue Valley: Crater Lake

Rogue Valley is an indie rock band coming to us straight from Minneapolis, MN. Composed of Chis Koza, Peter Sieve, Luke Anderson, Linnea Mohn, and Joey Kantor, the band creates beautiful piercing melodies and fill them with vocals that will make you hooked to the speakers for hours at the time. False Floors is the fourth album the group released in a single year! It's also the last from the series, which by no means was random. In fact, not only do all of the releases mirror the feeling of the season they have been created in, they also "act as chapters, standing strongly on their own, yet creating an undeniably rich experience when taken as a whole."

Julandrew – Sings Your Favorite Songs II

Sweet married couple making great music together. No, Meg and Jack did not get back together. Most people might think that creating music with a partner is simply too much, as if it's not enough that you live in the same house; you have to work together? Well, not for Julandrew. Brainchild of couple Julie Handy and Andrew Philip, the band's latest lineup (as of October 2009) includes, Ryan Duffie on Guitar and K.C. Hawes Domingue on piano/keyboards. Sings Your Favorite Songs II is a 5 song compilation of some tracks that the band has recorded. They contain both new and old songs.

Pondlife Fiasco by Heifervescent – Indie Pop Rock with Shimmering Guitars

Jangly mixed up pop rock music from Andy Doran's head. Heifervescent is essentially Andy Doran creating beautiful, sullen, sometimes dark but often melodramatic songs for his own and everybody else's pleasure. Doran echoes a Britpop flair in almost all his compositions and creates a nice synth orchestra background. Pondlife Fiasco is filled with 10 tracks that deal with various topics and subjects. It might not be an album that sends cupids arrow straight on like love at first sight, but it definitely gets to you after a couple of listens.

Mike Falzone & The Pepermint Trick “Do It For The Story” – Indie Pop, with a minty aftertaste promoted on FrostWire

Mike Falzone is back with a new band by his side and a new album entitled "Do It For The Story". Just as his previous release, "Fun with Honesty", this one is full of "infections lyrics, catchy melody, and humor". Guitar & drum heavy tracks dominate the album and Mike's engaging voice makes it a real pleasure to listen to. Licensed under Creative Commons, it's available as a free download via FrostWire and is meant to be widely shared with all family and friends!

Borea: Maxi Single Ride [sampler]

Borea three member band from Europe (creating in English, residing in France, with some Swedish roots). They describe their music clash between britpop and baroque rock'n'roll. The torrent contains only five songs, but if you love the music, the full album is available on Borea's website ( for 6 euros.