indie pop

The Sarcastic Dharma Society: Other People’s Songs (Volume One)

Chill acoustic covers of old (or recent) folk favorites? Yes, please! This is the very idea of The Sarcastic Dharma Society‘s 2009 collection, Other People’s Songs (Volume One). While we have yet to see a volume two, the rich feel of this 10-track album is still as fresh as yesterday’s produce, lessening our clamor for a new one.

Lex Allen: Anonymous Vibes

It’s 2014, and you’ll be damned if you don’t put some soul onto those musical bones. Let newcomer Lex Allen treat you to a sonic ride of raw R&B with his latest EP, Anonymous Vibes. The 7-track collection, which might serve as his ode to contemporary greats such as John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and even Jason Mraz (lyrically), is set to awe, inspire, and swoon.

Nvmeri: From The Dust

Who knew that the skirmishes of Eastern Europe could produce some of the most amazing Western music we’ll ever hear? This is the story of Slovakian band Nvmeri (pronounce it as “numeri”; formerly known as The Uniques), a trio making a ruckus on the European synth-pop scene through perfectly calculated beats that’s just as pop as it is very, very indie.

Flowers: When You Lie (Cloudberry EP)

Do you like your own serving of indie music to be grungy? If that’s the case, then UK-based band Flowers is the right choice. Labeling their genre as “noisy pop”, Flowers’ debut EP “When You Lie (Cloudberry)” sounds like a louder version of Camera Obscura. Most likely, with much emphasis on the ‘obscura’ part.

Glow and The Forest

Glow and the Forest is an indie pop group that's made up of Micah Gettys, David White and Matthew Guay. This self-titled debut EP is their first foray as a group and it clearly offers something interesting to their listeners. Echoing a bit of the dreamy harmonies of The Shins with the quirkiness of The Flaming Lips, the trio is successfully setting themselves apart with their sound. Combining nice harmonies and great instruments, the album provides a nice little getaway for anybody willing to listen.

Diamond Nights: Irrational Fears

It was really unexpected of Diamond Nights to concoct a beautiful combination of the acoustic and ambient genres, but when they did, boy, it was magic. The Melbourne-based band are bringing grit to their second EP release, Irrational Fears, a superbly raw affair released just this year.

Without Feathers: Three Songs

You haven’t really heard the “rawest” kind of acoustic music until you hear the Without Feathers. Composed of Nat Johnson, Emma Kupa, and Rory McVicar, the trio just formed their band last March 2013, yet they bring a musicality that’s so amazingly polished. This is no mystery, since each of them already came from different seasoned bands.

Jody Aaron: Rivers

Pop rock has returned to its irresistible form, thanks to Jody Aaron. An accomplished songwriter, Jody performs some of his own compositions when not busy penning tunes for others. His debut EP Rivers, which he recently released, is one good mixed bag of treats; kudos to Scott Matthews for producing.