Ingrid Michaelson

Bess Rogers: Songs Other People Wrote

Brooklyn native Rogers, who, if not moonlighting as a vocal buddy to Ingrid Michaelson, is crafting her own magnificent tunes. Her independent efforts date back to 2007, but she’s now going for the kill — nope, not jumping the shark — as she astounds us with this 4-track cover EP.

Les Vinyl: Thinking Overthinking

Les Vinyl is a band you turn to for some fun alternative indie rock. Hailing from Staten Island, New York; the group likes to keep things simple with a traditional band setup. The quartet delivers a sound that's every part familiar indie rock yet with beautiful catchy hooks and a quirky touch. It's this mixture of simplicity and eccentricity that makes the band a worthy act to watch out for. ThinkingOverThinking is their latest effort and features music that's reminiscent of early Weezer (including the cheeky lyrics.)