Kate Bush

Kim Boekbinder: The Impossible Girl

Listening to Kim Boekbinder reminds me of a young Kate Bush - playful and electrifying. A performer, composer, musician and visual artist rolled into one, the Canadian-born singer lives up to the title of her full-debut album Impossible Girl. Released last December 2010, the 17-track collection had already garnered prominence among famous music fans including Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Rosanne Cash, to name a few.

Emily Brontė: Wuthering Heights

Written between December 1845 and July 1846, Wuthering Heights was Emily Brontė's sole novel. Originally published under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, which made many to think the author of the work is a man, the novel garnered mixed reaction due to its revolutionary depiction of mental and physical cruelty. Today, the book is considered a classic and a important part of English literature with a number of adaptations in television, movies, radio, musicals and a song by Kate Bush.