Mars Volta

Wilderness: Pyesta EP

There is a certain kind frenzy to the sound of Wilderness, a band with a highly infectious sound from the Philippines. What started out as a three-piece band has now evolved into a “9 headed, hot-blooded explosion of groove and love.” The band makes it hard for anyone who listens to them to be still and remain unmoved.

Hell is Now Love Records Sampler

Hell is Now Love Records Sampler is a compilation of some of the best bands the label has to offer. Practically throwing it at your feet, the album is available as a free download. It contains 7 tracks from bands like Lost Rockets, Mason Chic and Black Science to name a few. All of them are under the label's roster and have already released or will release their own albums in the next months or so. Containing a flurry mix of rock, indie pop, alternative plus a touch of psychedelic noise; the sampler makes for a good jumping point into the labels band bin.

Echoes de Luxe: Echoes de Luxe EP

This self-titled debut ep from Echoes de Luxe is filled with good surprises. It might be short, with only 5 tracks, but it beautifully showcases the band's range and musical style. The EP was released last 2009 and included a stellar mixer and producer in the person of Alex Newport and Pete Lyman, respectively. These two have worked with bands such as Jubilee, Mars Volta and Deathcab for Cutie. To top it off, the boys managed to secure airplay and performed live for Dave Navarro's radio show. Seems like a pretty good start for any band, right?

These Animals: These Animals EP

New York has always been home to some of the most interesting musicians and These Animals is one four-piece crew that you can easily add to this roster. The boys have just released their self-titled EP showcasing their brand of hipster style pop dance rock, and together with their previous album, Souvenir Sessions, made all of this musical goodness available as a free download through FrostWire. These Animals met in art school and decided to get together to form the band in 2010. Creating 60s style dance pop music, they showcase their various influences through their energetic sound and performances.