ProleteR: Feeding the Lions EP

There’s a new player in the hip hop arena and it sounds like he got what it takes to blow your mind. Judging from the standout cover art to the nine tracks of the collection, ProleteR‘s latest EP Feeding the Lions will not disappoint old and new followers. His blend of French dub step, hip hop, and vintage jazz creates a fresh approach to old favorites.

Bobby Blunt: A Traveleres Notebook EP

Swedish music blog, Apple Juice Break, has been posting about music ever since 2008. More recently, however, AJB decided to venture just a bit outside of their comfort zone into the world of art & graphic design and ... even more music. Their recently created collective YES WAY!, has brought us a great new free EP, A Travelers Notebook, (made available on June 17th) by Virginia based vocalist & rapper Bobby Blunt and Australian born producer TA-KU. The EP is a hip-hop, neo-soul, rap influenced 5-track release with just a hint of electronic sounds and some stand-up vocals. Overall, a pretty sweet first collaboration project.