Infant Color: Infant Color EP

This self titled debut EP from Infant Color reverberates with an 80s sound accompanied with tons of electronica and pop. The EP was originally released under Beat is Murder's free music section. Infant Color EP gathers together six tracks that would transport you back in time, to when Morrissey was big and Duran Duran was among your top favorite bands. Although it's not all 80s nostalgia, the compilation does echo this sentiment quite a bit. The EP is available for free download under a creative commons licensed. Find it here on Frostclick or head over to Worth checking out if you feel in the mood for some flashback from the past.

Ornery Little Darlings: Ooh La la

Ornery Little Darlings create sexy indie rock that they describe as "ďa highly improbable ornery-as-hell-love-child between Billie Holiday and Lou Reed." Although in places, it does sound like this, there are more elements to their songs than this. Made up of mainly Emmi Chen, Jason Ewers, and Paul Puschautz; the group's sound is characteristic of acoustic guitars, sultry female vocals and a 50/60s dirty rock vibe happening all over. It's one of those albums that make an impression after you hear the first track.

Welcome To Ashley: Beyond the Pale

When it comes to talent and unstoppable, riveting on-stage performance, Welcome to Ashley definitely deserves more than a pat on the back. These Chicago natives have compiled 9 powerpop indie rock tracks that's filled with hipster vocals and interesting hooks. Beyond the Pale is the group's follow-up to Absent Man, their first EP. With punchy, shorter and more catchy cuts in this full album, it's a definite crowd pleaser for any indie rock junkie.