Neil Gaiman

8in8: Nighty Night

What happens when you combine the talent and creativity of geniuses such as Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds, and Damian Kulash? A collaborative group call... Read More

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: Theater is Evil

The better half of writer, Neil Gaiman; superstar Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra are treating fans and new listeners with their latest effort: Theatre Is Evil. Utilizing the power of crowdfunding, the 15-track epic record is being offered for free download. Yes, that's all FREE! True to Amanda "F**king" Palmer fashion, the album is extravagant, flamboyant, eclectic and epic-ly awesome! You'll either love it or absolutely hate it. This is the third studio album for the singer. It was recorded in Australia with producer, John Congleton, on board.

Kim Boekbinder: The Impossible Girl

Listening to Kim Boekbinder reminds me of a young Kate Bush - playful and electrifying. A performer, composer, musician and visual artist rolled into one, the Canadian-born singer lives up to the title of her full-debut album Impossible Girl. Released last December 2010, the 17-track collection had already garnered prominence among famous music fans including Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Rosanne Cash, to name a few.