oh my

Oh My!: 21

Maybe it's The Strokes upcoming album that's getting me into the new wave/hipster mood again; hence, couldn't help but review Oh My! and their new wave flair. This Swedish band was formed in the small town of Sundsvall back in 2008. To say they "sound like" The Strokes is an understatement.  21 is filled with catchy and polished indie pop rock beats that mostly clocks in at 4 minutes or less. Giving you enough time to love it but not too much to make you tired of it. The upbeat sound and energy characterizes Oh My!'s sound. Currently, the group is busy playing gigs in their area and looking forward to making a mark in 2011. The group is made up of Johan Åkerström, Martin Huss, Emil Källman, Adrian Karlman, and Adam Lodin. Enjoy 30 minutes or so of new wave madness from these fine Swedes.

Sean Fournier: Oh My

This is Sean Fournier’s fourth release. ‘Oh My’ is a six-track album featuring newly re-recorded songs from previous albums (‘Put the World On Stop’ & ‘Paper Tiger’). This one was created to be 100% FREE. Sean encourages his listeners to download it, share it, give it friends or family – everything to “spread it like a plague”.