open source software for mac


OmniWeb is a powerful new browser specifically designed to accommodate Mac users. The browser contains plenty of neat features that are easy to use. In fact, some reviewers have even dubbed it as feeling "more Mac-like than Apple's Safari." The program is a lot like an enhanced version of Safari. It expands as well as exploits on the former's weaknesses like limited flexibility in security controls and managing bookmarks to name a few. You can go ahead and stay organized as well as stay in control of all your Internet needs with OmniWeb. Although there are a few quirks, the browser does offer quite a lot of convenience and ensures that users get the best experience possible.

Better Touch Tool

One of the best ways for you to enjoy your Apple Magic Mouse is to go ahead and download this helpful software. Better Touch Tool works great if you want to add some cool functions to your Magic Mouse or Mac Touchpad. Easily customize your touchpad gestures with this free Mac software. Tap, swipe and click your way through controlling applications and other items on your computer with the help of this cool program.


Need your daily dose of news? Then you need a reliable rss reader like Shrook to help you out. This program is not just easy to use but it also contains plenty of interesting features that you will not find anywhere else in other readers built for Mac. If you have been having trouble looking for the right news reader, then this is one program that needs to be in your computer.


Hate having to buy TV-Guide all the time or dig through each channel's website for it's schedule? Now you can get all the info and updates you need about your most favorite shows with the help of the TV-Browser. This cool program for Mac takes and compiles all of your favorite TV shows; giving you your very own digital tv listing. When using this browser, you don't really need to log onto the internet all the time. It only requires an internet connection when updating and that's it. Feel free to peruse through it offline and catch up with some of your most favorite programs.


Love reading comic books online? If you do, Jomic is a must have software on your Macbook. Jomic is capable of reading comic books that are stored in the CBZ, CBR and PDF file formats. It turns your computer screen into an instant comic book, full of colorful imagery and of course, the important two page option. Reading comic books using your Macbook is made much easier and it doesn't rob from the excitement and interest that you normally get when holding comic books in your hand.