Hate having to buy TV-Guide all the time or dig through each channel’s website for it’s schedule? Now you can get all the info and updates you need about your most favorite shows with the help of the TV-Browser. This cool program for Mac takes and compiles all of your favorite TV shows; giving you your very own digital tv listing.

When using this browser, you don’t really need to log onto the internet all the time. It only requires an internet connection when updating and that’s it. Feel free to peruse through it offline and catch up with some of your most favorite programs.

It supports quite a lot of channels so you don’t have to worry about finding info on your most watched shows. Definitely a fun and cool software to have on your Mac.

Just like everything else, the internet has changed even how we check for what’s on TV. When before we would go through show listings with the help of a printed TV guide, today, going online and having a digital browser is much more preferred.

TV-Browser is a cool program for Mac that lets you receive all the latest information about your favorite shows. It has a layout similar to that of your regular printed listings, making it much easier to go through everything. Don’t be misled by the name though, it’s not a browser that lets you watch your programs, it just helps you read and find information about them. This nifty program caters to over 11 countries so you can get all the ins and outs of your shows even if they are overseas. There are tons of channels from each country already preset into the browser, but you can edit it out by adding or deleting channels that you like and don’t like.

You can also modify the look and feel of the browser by adding skins and icons. There are also tons of features that you can choose from if you want to add more functions to the browser. Essentially, it’s a nice browser to have if you are a TV junkie and need your fix on your favorite shows every so often.

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