Mekorama is an isometric puzzle game. Developed by Martin Magni, it has a simple concept but it is a lot of fun and suited for those who want a bit of a brain teaser in their games. At just 8 MB it is a quick download and offers plenty of puzzles and has a level editor too.

Your goal is to help a robot go through 50 puzzle dioramas, and Mekorama is easy to play. You tap the robot in the direction you want to go to on the screen. All the spaces are divided in a grid so it is easy to find out where the robot will be headed. Just tap one square and it will go in that direction.

That means the game has simple mechanics but the puzzles do get more challenging as the game goes on. You can also pinch the screen to zoom in but it does not allow you to focus on the robot. That is a slight limitation but does not take away from how good the game is.

The level designs vary, as some require you to jump down while others require you to go underwater to reach the objective. There will also be times when you have to adjust the camera angle to find the appropriate location.

With 50 levels there is enough in Mekorama to keep you going. And if that is not enough the game allows you to make custom levels. With this feature you can extend the life of the game even more.

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