Road Warrior

All race game lovers, it is time to rev-up the machines and burn the rubber on your Android device with Road Warrior. This game is one of the meanest and most extreme racing games of its kind; almost giving birth to a whole new genre. Created by Top Free apps and Games, the developer has made a breakthrough with Road Warrior, in more than just a big way. The game is truly amazing in every sense.

Speed Forge 3D

This one is for all Android users with a love for speed running through their veins; so yes, if speed is what you need than Speed Forge 3D might just be for you. Developed by RatSquare for which the title is the first one to be released on the platform, it seems they have done quite a decent job. Speed Forge takes place on the planet Mars in the year 2142 with a good dose of crime taking place all around. Also, due to the heavy growth of industries, there has been an increase of the number of colonies and inhabitants, and special vehicles with heavy-duty armor has been used to help miners in crushing rocks with explosives.

Intense Racing 2: Free 3D Racing Game Download

For a free game, Intense Racing is undeniably self-assured. It challenges players like you to take the game on and become the worlds fastest racer. All you have to do is download the game, choose from among 12 cars, and race on one of the 15 race tracks available. The mechanics sound easy enough, until you get to the real meat of the game: the actual race. Although controlling the car is easy enough, maneuvering past the opponents can be problematic.