Jenna Clare is everything but your average teenager. She spends a lot of her time alone; a high school senior who plays the guitar for almost four years now; and who is also into singing and song writing despite pursuing photography in college. She fancies herself with today’s pop culture such as the television hit Game of Thrones, young adult best seller Divergent and with more than 5500 songs in her iPod, you can expect a good taste in music.

Birdie In A Cage is an 18-track album recorded modestly with GarageBand. The overall sound quality is not something you would expect from a studio recording but nonetheless, it still delivers the intended vibrancy and colorfulness.

Hold On To Something New hits the sweet spot as an opening track with a juvenile sounding anthem. Open Road is an adventurous piece—sounding aggressive over an electrified and electronic beat.

I Will Never Keep You In The Dark conveys a very intimate, heart-wrenching and detailed lyrics. Seasons, on the other hand, is more of a stripped-down song with hand claps and guitar strumming.

Hey Little Girl is an acoustic-based song that is coated in a danceable beat. Funeral projects a teenager’s raw emotion into finely tuned lyrics while All The Miles tops it off for all the hopeless romantics out there.

Jenna Clare’s Birdie In A Cage promises a lot specially for a very young artist such as her. There are tracks that used the much common approach in the genre but there were also experimental ones. The album can be easily relatable even if some of the lyrics are deep. The album’s maturity successfully created an impressive and hefty track list.

Track List:
1. Hold On to Something New
2. Open Road
3. A Hundred Songs
4. Fact or Fancy
5. I Will Never Keep You in the Dark
6. The Hunter
7. Hugs and Ships
8. It’s Not Over Yet
9. Seasons
10. Promise Me
11. Fragile
12. Birdy
13. Hey Little Girl
14. Alive
15. The Blue
16. Funeral
17. Counting On You
18. All the Miles

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