shooter game

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors is a fun and imaginative puzzle game that lets you control the force of gravity using a single button. Yes, you heard that right. All you need to do is press one little button to play the game. Don't think that it's going to be simple or utterly boring though. The game incorporates unique graphics and creative gameplay that will certainly give you enough of a challenge. It was released a couple of years back to great praises. It has become quite popular and already has a successor, Strange Attractors 2.


Nanosmiles is not just another arena shooter game. One of the entries for the Tokyo Games Festival, this little shooter game gives player a different approach towards gameplay as well as the control scheme. In the game, you can use inanimate ships found within your area to target your enemies instead of you attacking directly. It takes a bit of time to get used to this unique style of fighting but once you do get the hang of it, the results are quite interesting.

Soldier Front – a free full game download for hardcore gamers

Soldier Front is a 3D first person shooter game with very realistic game play and graphics. A unique feature among FPS free games is character growth, where the player can save their statistics and rise throught the military ranks just as a real soldier. The game also allows you to choose which task force you want to belong to (SAS, SEAL, UDT or Delta Force). Each setting comes with different weapons, statistics of recoil and rate of fire.