Social Game’

Dream Heights

The casual gamer will never be without a smile, as everyday a developer churns out an epic offering for this genre. Dream Heights is just a prime example of this statement. The game is very much on the lines of Farmville, Castleville, Cityville and the likes produced by leading game developer. Created by Zynga who has taken the social-gaming platform to all new heights not only on social-networking sites, but on smartphone platforms such as Android & iOS, Dream Heights seems to be a perfect extension of this phenomenon.

Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs is a well known big franchisee and the little blue species are adored for their cuteness quotient. Now it is time to stay connected to them and play with them on your Android and iOS device. Smurfs' Village has finally invaded the smartphone ecosystem so grab a download and enter this one crazy blue world. Created by Beeline Interactive, this developer has a huge kitty of games under-their-belt but it is the Smurfs' Village will appeal greatly to all the Smurfs loyalist and hardcore fans.