Stray Dogg: Fires Never Wrong

Hang out by the pool and strut those tan lines while listening to Stray Dogg‘s Fire’s Never Wrong. This 2012 release from the band features nine tracks that jumps over fences of indie folk and Americana.

Stacy Barthe: P.S. I Love You

Sometimes, the cure to a seemingly banal existence is a quick dose of infectious pop. This is exactly what newcomer Stacy Barthe [if you still count 2011 as new] is offering us. With her 2013 EP, P.S. I Love You, Barthe presents eight tunes of love — diversely presented for last year’s Valentines celebration — greatly puzzling us why we’ve never heard this promising talent before.

Lex Allen: Anonymous Vibes

It’s 2014, and you’ll be damned if you don’t put some soul onto those musical bones. Let newcomer Lex Allen treat you to a sonic ride of raw R&B with his latest EP, Anonymous Vibes. The 7-track collection, which might serve as his ode to contemporary greats such as John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and even Jason Mraz (lyrically), is set to awe, inspire, and swoon.

Bonnie Bordeaux: The Damsel Diaries

In the mood for a throwback? We’ve got the damsel for you. Taking a share of the delicious musical pie is newcomer Bonnie Bordeaux (even her name sounds super gorgeous), who’s bringing her own iteration of pop by tastefully concocting it with 40′s style of jazz and soul. The result? A stunning 7-track debut masterpiece that we’ll simply refer to as The Damsel Diaries.

Leah Reis-Dennis: Demo EP

The soul genre might be experiencing a resurgence, as proven by the various acts incorporating its styles onto their material. One of them is newcomer Leah Reis-Dennis, who, with her demo EP (aptly titled Demo), is devoted to bringing the ‘jazz’ cause a modern inflection which the new generation will likely devour.

Zaimah: The Collective Mixtape EP

You have your soul albums, and then you have your neo-soul ones. On the upper echelon of the latter (in our opinion, ‘course) is Zaimah‘s latest release, The Collective, a mixtape EP which serves as her return to form after a two-year hiatus. Well, it was worth the wait!