Sometimes, the cure to a seemingly banal existence is a quick dose of infectious pop.

This is exactly what newcomer Stacy Barthe [if you still count 2011 as new] is offering us. With her 2013 EP, P.S. I Love You, Barthe presents eight tunes of love — diversely presented for last year’s Valentines celebration — greatly puzzling us why we’ve never heard this promising talent before.

The fun kicks off via the ambient production of “Stingy,” where her deep, husky vocals mesh well with the dichotomy of its arrangement: cerebral and cosmic, yet reeking of old school jazz. “To Be Loved,” on the other hand, falls into the trappings of guitar-driven R&B ballads that plagued the late 2000’s, but it works here since (1) it’s been a while since we heard one and (2) it’s undeniably fresh, again.

Another interesting tune is “Lonely Disco Ball,” a decidedly sullen tune guised under a reggae-esque backdrop that you can dance to [but secretly suffer in].

Remember her name, ’cause she’ll be making waves. Now that’s a fearless forecast.

Track listing:

1. Stingy
2. To Be Loved
3. Home In My Heart
4. Flawed Beautiful Creatures
5. Hell Yeah!
6. Silent Screams
7. Lonely Disco Ball
8. Before I Knew Me

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