Hanson: 21 Years of Music

No further introduction on this one: the boys of Hanson are wiping off their “Mmmbop” personas once and for all! Celebrating their 21 years in the industry – can you believe it? – Zac, Isaac, and Taylor are releasing this 5-track EP as a sort-of recap of highlights within their recent years. It’s mostly composed of live tracks, so the listening experience is akin to being a part of the crowd, screaming and all that.

Kevin Michael: Brainwa$h

Breaking news: not only Ke$ha can rock the dollar sign, but so do newcomer Kevin Michael in his new “meditative” mixtape. Channelling Justin Timberlake and at times, early Chris Brown, Kevin’s sleekly-produced collection “Brainwa$h” is a formidable alternative to the (sometimes annoying) dubstep-infested RnB music of late.

Ashton Parson: Walk on the Water

Sit back, relax, and tune your precious headphones to Ashton Parson’s debut EP, Walk on the Water. Brooklyn native Ashton Parson, whose genre of music he describes as “swamp pop”, sounds more like a dainty equivalent for pop. Nevertheless, its ‘catchiness’ sits right beside that soul-infused brand of pop rock which plagues Maroon 5 and The Script’s records.

Juanitos – “Best Of”

Juanitos is an exotic rock-n-roll band from France. The members include (if my translation from French is correct): Juan (vocals and organ), the Blob (surfing guitar), Dave (groovy bass), Chang (country guitar) and Jyle Malone (drums & bongos). On the "Best Of" you can hear a bit of reggae & soul with nu-Latin Brazilian beats, but the 50s "Beach Boys" feel of the album can be noticed in almost every track.