Grab your surfboard and get ready to be stoked in Brandon Howard aka BARUKH‘s latest album, SURF. By using a simple but winning formula of crisp wordplay and infectious arrangement to match, the album let’s listeners ride in waves of energetic hiphop tunes that are focused on positivism and creating music for the mind.

Manua Loa: Tales & The Sea

A trip to the lukewarm embrace of the sea isn’t complete with a good soundtrack, on which Manua Loa perfectly fits the role to a T. The band’s third and latest effort, Tales & The Sea, is your ideal jam-by-the-fireside ditty, and will no doubt garner new fans for this German band. The three-piece act composed of Jules Ahoi, Alaska WhiteSun, and Duncan Vert (we’re expecting some German-sounding names, though) have rendered the acoustic gods proud.