Grab your surfboard and get ready to be stoked in Brandon Howard aka BARUKH‘s latest album, SURF. By using a simple but winning formula of crisp wordplay and infectious arrangement to match, the album let’s listeners ride in waves of energetic hiphop tunes that are focused on positivism and creating music for the mind.

Wipe Out (feat. Dillon Chase) jump starts the album with guitar play-ups reminiscent of ’60s surf rock, which then slowly blends into laid-back beats with cohesive rapping.

One of the standout tracks, Life Guard carry a consciousness of building a layered production that showcases different musical influences, including reggae, to create a fresh track that amps up the hiphop experience of old and new listeners.

Forever banks on slow, almost-ballad vocals mixed with reverberating hiphop rapping. Different as it may seem, the song treats the listeners to a wonderful contrast between high-pitched notes and loud, solid beats.

Bonus track Wrecked gives a new spin on Miley Cyrus‘ famous hit Wrecking Ball. Here, BARUKH whips spacey tunes and hand-clapping rhythms, then lay them on samples of the original song, generating a complex yet elating production that gives justice to the single.

BARUKH‘s SURF appeases old fans and new ones with hip hop pieces that are relatable and easily digestible. So download, press play, and let this collection energize your day.

Track List:
1. Surf (Intro)
2. Wipe Out (feat. Dillon Chase)
3. Be Still (feat. Sinead Fahey)
4. Life Guard
5. Pour Elle
6. Forever
7. Lullaby (feat. Dillon Chase & Sinead Fahey)
8. Rise (feat. Dillon Chase, Mike Guess, Sean Johnson, JG, Kadence, BDoe, Jordan Miller, Rick Harmoney, SURFGVNG)
9. Wrecked (Bonus)

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