The Wild

The Wyld: Abstract EP

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to The Wyld‘s Abstract EP released last October. The Wyld creates a new wave of sound by fusing opposing genres of hip-hop, ambient, and rock. This produces a body-shifting, almost spiritual music experience. With six tracks ready for download, this sampler is a great treat for those seeking a new kind of high.

The Wild: The Wild EP

This is the second time this group of Atlanta young'ins who call themselves, The Wild, have made an appearance here in Frostclick. You'll find their other album, Set Yourselves Free, right here. Before that album came out though, the group released this 5-track self-titled EP. Their bright and sunshiny folk country sound still resonates though. The album is still a bit raw compared to their succeeding release yet is imbued with a fun, happy-go-lucky vibe that makes you think of frolicking around the countryside with friends. The album is released and available for free download on Quote Unquote Records. Take a listen and download this entertaining record.

The Wild: Set Yourselves Free

These four Atlanta natives have a penchant for making complaining and criticism seem fun and positive. The Wild is a quartet made up of Kylee on drums, Dianna on vocals, Ben on bass and Steve on Banjo. Described by Asia Man Records as "four punks from Atlanta sing songs from the heart, la Jason Anderson and Ghost Mice. Political, but not preachy. All members are quite active in their DIY community.." the group is not only making an impression in their own label, but also to a lot of indie music lovers online. Set Yourselves Free includes 8 tracks that contain a mix of indie folk and pop music. Each track seems like a blissful serenade at first impression but when you listen closely, it's actually filled with personal and relevant musings about life, people, relationships and politics. Cool album to check out.