tim burton

Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Fill up your heart's desire for the classic with Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson popularly known under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. After its publication in 1865, the book reaped a lot of negative reviews. It was remarked as too extravagantly absurd and a sheer nonsense. But despite of this, Carroll persisted with another book entitled Through the Looking Glass and resigned from his day job to write full time.

The Watchmaker’s Son

Close this season of love with The Watchmaker's Son, a heartwarming treat for the whole family. Produced by Whitestone Motion Pictures under the direction of Brandon McCormick, this short film revolves around the concept of pursuing one's dream and the desire to be loved. It tells the story of a watchmaker who thrives to make a watch worthy of his father's approval, little did he know that the only thing his father wants was a little bit of his time.

The Ease Down: Shapeshifter

Singer/songwriter, Ben Wilkins, is best known for his band, indie piano pop rock group, The Ease Down. This Montreal native loves to create honky tonk jazz pop rock with his piano as well as incorporate some lyrical melody to his songs about love and life. Shapeshifter is the first album from this group and comes with 10 tracks filled with good vibes that's perfect for a relaxing afternoon.