Claiming to write songs about girls, this indie pop group only lists “Jon” (Jon Torres) as its member. I guess good music doesn’t really require much names as the band seems to have a knack for creating catchy indie folk pop cuts.

From Rough to Calm Seas is the artists’ latest effort. It’s a short 4-track EP that’s filled with pop music with a hint of surfer sound.

Weezer, Pavement and The Beach Boys are some of the bands that have influenced their sound. Indeed, you’ll hear this feel-good, sometimes quirky sound that most of the bands mentioned above are known for.

The EP was released last December 2011 over at BandCamp. This short compilation opens up with a 4 minute single titled, Buggin’ You. Combining a nice Pavement-like surfer sound, the song sandwiches dirty guitars with a catchy melody. Perfect for a morning trip down the beach in sunny California weather.

It’s followed by Think Happy Thoughts, which resounds with handclaps and some harmonic Beach-Boys singing. Meanwhile, third track, Love is Patient, Love is Kind, continues with the melodic number. It’s simple but relatively easy to adore. You can put it on and have it serenade you to sleep. On the other hand, Old Photographs, easily caps the album.

Tussie-Mussie is a Jacksonville, Florida band that records their sound using Garageband. You can grab a copy of this EP for free over at BandCamp and while you’re at it, also check out their other releases and enjoy.

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