Indie-rockers Olympians, from London, have been making music since 2011. Through their regular EP releases and multiple tours across Europe over the years, the band has managed to firmly establish itself as an enduring part of the indie alt-rock/math-rock scene. On their 8-track Complimentary Mints from 2016, we are given a compilation of the band’s most notable songs from their past releases.

The music of Olympians on Complimentary Mints is cool and easy folk rock that draws influences from math-rock and prog-rock. A major part of the band’s musical model lies in their dry sense of humor. Each track features pessimistic yet clever lyrics about the realities of life, which at times brings to mind the acerbic wit of Father John Misty (for instance: “If you can learn to feign a laugh the world is yours to keep, I can barely hide my anger when you open your mouth to speak.”). We also often observe the band venturing lyrically into the amusing trope of lovelorn self-pity in the style of Weezer, like on the opening track Rosa Lee. While most of the album features fairly straight-forward pop songwriting, tracks like The Great Gatsby exist to to exhibit the band’s edgier, prog-rock persona.

Favorite Tracks: Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams, The Great Gatsby, Rosa Lee

Track List
1. Rosa Lee 03:23
2. Duvet Days 03:36
3. Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams 03:41
4. The Great Gatsby 03:50
5. From Your Head (Bontempi Version) 04:01
6. Wake Up Old 03:52
7. Foreign Language 03:32
8. Sea Palling 02:59

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