Month: December 2010


Bright turquoise background? Check. Purple blocks? Check. Cute little characters? Check. Meet Eversion, even though it looks like another cutesy platformer game, try playing it and you might be in for a surprise. The game looks deceptively simple thanks to its bright, cheery graphics, but it is pretty difficult to beat and will pretty much mess with your brain. So, if you are in hard core game mode and miss the challenges of a Nintendo game. Eversion is the game to try out.

Nicolas Falcon: Nicolas Falcon

This acoustic, indie folk number from Nicolas Falcon is perfect for a dreamy escapade. Filled with beautiful acoustic swells and laid back vocals, this self titled debut from this Florida musician is a definite keeper. From whistle solos, quirky lyrics to simple upbeat guitar strumming, it's hard not to enjoy this record. It might not break into the Top 40s but it's a beautiful compilation worth listening to.


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Hey, It’s Christmas! Vol. 1 [Compilation CD]

Here's a Christmas present you can open early this year, Hey, It's Christmas Vol. 1 compilation album is now available for download right here on Frostclick and on the album's main site. Fifteen talented artists bring to life some of your all-time favorite Christmas carols. Artists like Kyle Cox, The Silver Fleece, Greg Perkins, The Oceanauts and so many more, breathe new life to these timeless classics while incorporating their brand of folk, acoustic and even electronic pop style into it. If you've been looking for a great album to play for your fireplace gatherings this Holiday season, then you've got your record, right here. It will certainly help make your Christmas season a little brighter and a lot more warmer. Happy Holidays!

Social Square: It vs. You

Three piece indie rock band, Social Square, likes to call themselves the "Benjamin Button of indie rock." According to the band, they like to work backwards. When other bands simply mellow down as they age, it seems the band likes to get loud as they grow old. It vs. You is the bands latest mini three song release and features punchy and loud indie rock tracks with a 90s to early 2000 vibe.

Tyler Walker: Spacefaring Male

Spacefaring Male, an album produced and mixed by Tyler Walker, is the marriage in music by sophisticated jazz and funky geek sounds. There is undeniable harmony in this union although there are a few off (tolerable) moments every now and then. The image in the album cover says it all: a man with a glass of olive cocktail and suited up for the outer space. Itís not a mix that you see daily, but itís interesting enough for you to take a look and check.

Lovecraft Game

For those of you who love Lovecraft, maybe the total randomness and weirdness of his ideas, then you might enjoy this Lovecraft Game. Before delving any further, let me just tell you that this game is basically unfinished. It's pretty much playable but the ending is a bit abrupt. However, like any game expected from Cactus, you get a great game with cool graphics; definitely enough to tune into this game even for a bit.

Stave The Grave: Dead End

Dead End from Stave the Grave is a fast-paced, rocking 4 track compilation, that comes loud and proud. With elements of rockabilly, metal and even a hint of progressive rock in there; the band throws punchy, rhythmic tracks that's enough to get your gears going. For fans of horror rock and that 70s rock sound, Stave the Grave is definitely one band to watch out for.


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