Bright turquoise background? Check. Purple blocks? Check. Cute little characters? Check. Meet Eversion, even though it looks like another cutesy platformer game, try playing it and you might be in for a surprise. The game looks deceptively simple thanks to its bright, cheery graphics, but it is pretty difficult to beat and will pretty much mess with your brain.

So, if you are in hard core game mode and miss the challenges of a Nintendo game. Eversion is the game to try out. A lot of people, including the developers, admit that the game is not exactly suitable for children despite the colorful, childlike graphics. In fact, the game carries with it a warning, taken directly from the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft. They quote, the game isĀ not indicated for children or those with a nervous disposition.

What exactly do they mean? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you but let’s just say that the game does mess with you a bit, wait…I mean, it messes with you a lot. It’s quite disorienting and difficult to play especially for those looking for a simple, cheap thrill on their lunch break.

Basically, in the game you play, Zee Tee. Of course, you are tasked with the ever difficult job of rescuing a princess. There are gems that you would need to collect as you go along as well. I know this sounds awfully familiar ( heard of Mario, anyone?) but trust me, Eversion is far from Mario.

As you play Zee Tee, you gain the ability to “evert” your reality in order to overcome certain obstacles. This “eversion” process changes reality, it turns clouds into solid or wilts a tree so you can pass over it. The more you use, the weirder and weirder everything gets.

I will be stopping there since saying anymore could possibly ruin the surprise and the twist. Trust me though, this game will warp your mind, so I suggest that you heed the warning and not let children or people “with a nervous disposition” play this game.

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