A Break to Cry is seriously an experimentally cold wave album. With its unusual approach in remixing of beats, synths, guitars combined with a melancholy and poignant vocals, People are Nothing will take you down to your thoughts and detached you from those.

Title track A Break to Cry is a perfect carrier single for this album.This track offers something new to the listeners. It showcases the group’s musical style that breathes ingeniously sound of synths, beats, and guitar. Vocals are hauntingly cold and it complements the entire track.

A superb intro, melancholic sound that switches to modern synths, My Stain in Montebourg remix is a fusion of cold wave, melancholy, and eerie synths. The ending part of the track might be a confusion, but this is actually what the group’s musical style—its unpredictability.

The beats that slices the melancholy of the track, Haircut the Grass (Unclean, Unshaven remix by A V G V S T) sounded like TV static but interestingly being ‘sliced’ beats. Unshaven it might be, Haircut the Grass will stimulate your senses.

Smalltown Boy is beautifully sung with the minimal background of beat. This track has the melancholic vocals shines more than the synths and the beats. It is almost so poignant yet detached. It runs five minutes, yet you couldn’t help but to hear more.

People of Nothing is lead by Florian Chombart, a multi-instrumentalist. This cold wav/indie group started in 2009.

Track List:
1. A Break to Cry
2. My Stain (Montebourg remix)
3. Haircut the Grass (Unclean, Unshaven remix by A V G V S T)
4. Smalltown Boy

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